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  ·          Objective: Ø   Promote Active Learning Ø   Enhance Communication Skills Ø   Encourage Collaboration Ø   Facilitate Deeper Understanding Ø   Improve Retention of Information   ·          Process §   Think: Ø   Give students few minutes to think silently on given topic §   Pair: Ø   Pair students with a partner. This can be done randomly, by proximity, or by predetermined pairs. §   Share: Ø   Invite pairs to share their discussion points with the class   ·          Impact: ·          Promote Critical Thinking ·          Enhanced Engagement ·          Improved Understanding ·          Increased Creditability ·          Encourages collaboration and Teamwork         Prepares students for real-World-Skills
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  ·           Objective: Ø   Promote Knowledge Acquisition Ø   Foster Competitive Spirit Ø   Enhance Learning through Fun Ø   Identify Knowledge Gaps Ø   Encourage Lifelong Learning   ·          Process §   Round One- Technical Test Ø   There will 20 marks Pen Paper test on Basic Electrical Engineering. Ø   Time to solve test is 30 min for 20 questions Ø   There will be no negative marking. §   Round Two- Rapid Fire Buzzer round Ø   Those who will press the buzzer first will get chance to give answer. §   Round Three- Circuit Sudoku Ø   Circuit shown on PPT has to solve within 1 minute.   ·          Impact: Ø   Engagement with Educational Content Ø   Enhanced Teamwork and Collaboration Ø   Improved Critical Thinking and problem Solving Skills

Electro Extempore

  ·          Objective: Ø   Promote Knowledge Sharing Ø   Enhance Communication Skills Ø   Develop Quick Thinking Ø   Encourage Critical Thinking Ø   Boost Confidence ·          Process: Ø   Topics are related to various aspects of Electrical Engineering, such as circuits, power systems, electronics, electromagnetism, renewable energy, etc . Ø   Participants randomly draw a topic from a pool of pre-determined topics . Ø   After selecting a topic, participants are given 2-3 minutes to prepare their thoughts and structure their speech . Ø   During this time, participants can jot down key points or an outline to guide their speech . Ø   Each participant delivers a speech on their chosen topic for 3-5 minutes . Ø   A warning bell is rung one minute before the end of the allotted time to help participants manage their time effectively . Ø   After each speech, judges or the audience may ask one or two questions to the speaker . Ø   This session tests the particip

Lifestyle Development -Aaahar Kranti

  Department of MBA organised   Aahaar Kranti Program on 22/05/2024 and it was attended by an audience of both students and faculty members. The Aahaar Kranti Program aimed to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits. We were honored to have Dr. S. S. Wangikar as our esteemed resource person for the session. Dr. Wangikar, provided invaluable insights into the role of balanced diets in enhancing overall well-being. Dr. Wangikar emphasized the critical role that a balanced diet plays in maintaining physical and mental health. He discussed various essential nutrients and their sources, encouraging participants to incorporate a diverse range of foods into their daily diets. The session was coordinated by Dr. Amarjit Kene sir, whose diligent efforts ensured the event's smooth execution and also in making the program a resounding success. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the Aahaar Kranti Program. We b

Practice session (Lab-Excel)

  Academic practice sessions are not only  an effective way to track progress in a particular area before a crucial milestone like a final exam , they act as useful check-points to flag weak spots in a timely manner so they can be addressed before it's too late.   Some of the objectives achieved through this activity are as follows:-   ·          Improved Skill Set                Increases Your Understanding                  Better Knowledge Retention.

Learning Through Research Papers.

  Research paper is concerned with systematic attempts to help students to learn more effectively. Students of MBA department participated in the National Conference organized by the college by presenting the research papers on various topics. The selected papers were awarded with the certificate of participation. 

Learning Through Live Demonstration

  Live demonstrations help students experience what professionals do on a daily basis which inspires students to consider careers and shows them how their classwork links to professional tasks. ·          Some of the objectives achieved are:- ·          Observe, describe and learn skill(s) ·          Describe key skills or concepts based on demonstration. ·          Utilize information to make decisions. ·          Construct and ask effective questions. ·          Communicate effectively.