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Industrial Bot:

This robot has 2 modes of operations, first is Human follower robot it consists of Arduino,4motors,one motor driver, two IR sensors and an ultrasonic sensor. IR sensor used to follow the human or object and ultrasonic sensor is used to  follow the user to achieve a specific goal . And second mode is Line follower robot when we push switch low then robot use IR transmitters and receivers also called photo diodes. They are used for sending and receiving light. IR transmits infrared light. When infrared rays falls on  surface, it's reflected back and catched by photo diodes   which generates some voltage changes and then the movement happens. Whenever there is an obstacle then it can detect the obstacle and stops there itself.
Industrial application : A robot can help to carry heavy items for along distance goods carrier in rural area ,small scale industry helps to lifting heavy load.

Benefits: Decrease the human injuries , increase the strength, saves time ,production rate by reducing the efforts of human

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser:

This project is based on ultrasonic sensor, which detects the presence of hands and consequently activates the motor pump to dispense sanitizer

The concept is that when the Sensor, which is attached to the holder, gets activated, by simply putting your hand a few centimeters below it, the

presser goes down a set distance, (pressing the dispenser) and dispenses sanitizer.


It is contactless sanitizer dispenser so spreading of infectious virus.

Smart Dustbin

When person comes in front of smart dustbin it will open automatically with the help of a servo motor. Sensor is used to sense if someone comes closer to dustbin. Outcome: The lid of the dustbin stays closed, so that waste is not exposed and when person wants dispose any waste, it will automatically open the lid.

The lid of the dustbin stays closed, so that waste is not exposed (to avoid flies and mosquitos) and when person wants dispose any waste, it will automatically open the lid.

SafeNet :- Location Tracking Safety Device disabled needs.

Parents/ Law enforcement authorities are supposed to use the proposed device to aid in locating missing or unavailable children. This can be a huge help in a worrying situation like a missing child. In this work, the Global Positioning System(GPS) is used in conjunction with one of the core functions of amobile device, SMS. The GPS tracks the location using longitude and latitude. The application on the parent's side of the project will allow parents to try to find the child and will then respond with the child's location on a Google map.


1) Women safety acts as Panic button in case of emergency which sends live location as sms

along with the phone call. Call receiver can listen to situation over thee spot.

2)Anti-kidnapping device : location can be accessed remotely simply by sending an sms. owing

to small and compatible size it is easily hidden from criminals

3)Support for disabled : single button can pressed to call for help using this device


Benefits: Decrease the human trafficking rate and increase conviction rate, increase the

overall safety confidence in guardians , helpful in emergency cases, easy monitoring for

   disabled needs

Solar Bhujgawana

Bhujgawna has been used as traditional way To deter birds or other animals from eating or otherwise disturbing seeds, shoots and fruit but to

make it more applicable we have made solar operated bhujgwna which uses amplifier, voice module and speakers to make various sounds like

Eagle, Wild cat, Tiger, etc.with a specific delay of 2-10 mins it can be adjusted and the sound is in continuos loop there will be zero maintenance.

it is made in such way that farmers would accept this technology using mixture of traditional way that is external design of product is as same as

traditional bhujgawna and overall cost is kept minimal so that it is affordable and farmers should trust newer technologies.


Application: Bhujgawna will help to scare the  birds and therefore the refore the birds are going to  be run faraway from the

sector and the crop of the sector will become safe. It can also be used in garden.


Benefits: Increase in crop productivity, no maintenance , electrical supply needed is made by solar panel used in system.



  1. Very good products , innovative approach.

  2. Innovative product..

  3. Prof . Pawar Anuradha sandeepApril 21, 2023 at 11:04 AM

    Very good product 👍

  4. Innovation is peaking up at SVERI..
    Virtual Farm-Man is best

  5. Deshmukh Parmeshwar SureshApril 21, 2023 at 9:30 PM

    Very good 👍🏻

  6. Lastly, I appreciate the emphasis on agility and adaptability in the product development process. In today's fast-paced business environment, companies must be willing to pivot quickly and iterate often to stay ahead of the competition and meet changing customer needs.

    Overall, your blog post is a valuable resource for anyone involved in product development, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future. Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Keep it up ... Excellent work

  8. Very innovative

  9. What is the cost for Solar Bhujgawana

  10. Dr. M G Maniyar
    Innovative approaches with Societal Applications.
    Nice work

  11. It will definitely help students.

  12. Nice and innovative

  13. Great Innovative

  14. This is how we engineers used to inculcate and develop Techno-societal touch.

  15. Very Innovative ideas

  16. Innovative Ideas to increase our knowledge and skills

  17. Very innovative concept


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