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International Workshop for curriculm

International Workshop for curriculm

ஃ An international workshop for curriculum holds great significance as it fosters cross-cultural exchange of educational practices, encourages collaboration among educators worldwide, and promotes the development of innovative teaching approaches that

 cater to diverse student needs. It helps align curriculum design with global trends, enhances educational quality, and prepares students for an interconnected world.



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Multimedia Learning (ICT Classroom):

Introduction:  In this, the teacher will deliver some concepts with the aid of Software tools. These learning tools play a vital role in delivering subject knowledge. The students can identify the key points of the presentation in an easy way. Live demonstration can be an effective tool to present material in the classroom and encourage student learning. Multimedia combines basic types of media into a learning environment such as text, audio, video and graphics thus providing a powerful tool for teaching. This allows the students to pay more attention towards the concepts. It also helps the students to think and analyze the concepts in a better way.  Execution Plan:  The teacher explains some topics in their regular teaching process using Software Tools /Animation / Videos to simplify their presentation.  Outcomes:  1. Simple way of presenting subject knowledge than from the regular teaching practices.  2. Students can understand the concepts in a better way. Google Classroom User Manu

Civil Engineering : Project Based Learning

Method: Project work and Report writing The department has made it a mandatory requirement for every student to design and conduct a project, right from the fifth semester onwards which is beyond the regular curriculum for the semester. This helps the student to have a hands-on approach to the engineering design process and utilize the theoretical aspects they have learnt to develop prototypes and design experiments on what they have learnt. During the fifth semester, the students conduct a mini-project that focuses on the fundamental software design aspects of computer Science and Engineering. A project group consisting of a maximum of four members under the guidance of a faculty member explores a scientific principle related to their area of interest. The learning process is given more weightage during the assessment and not the results obtained.  Students in their sixth semester are encouraged to do a project which will help them to learn new technical skills with guidance from an a


Industrial Bot: This robot has 2 modes of operations, first is Human follower robot it consists of Arduino,4motors,one motor driver, two IR sensors and an ultrasonic sensor. IR sensor used to follow the human or object and ultrasonic sensor is used to  follow the user to achieve a specific goal . And second mode is Line follower robot when we push switch low then robot use IR transmitters and receivers also called photo diodes. They are used for sending and receiving light. IR transmits infrared light. When infrared rays falls on  surface, it's reflected back and catched by photo diodes   which generates some voltage changes and then the movement happens. Whenever there is an obstacle then it can detect the obstacle and stops there itself. Industrial application : A robot can help to carry heavy items for along distance goods carrier in rural area ,small scale industry helps to lifting heavy load. Benefits: Decrease the human injuries , increase the strength, saves time ,production